Diabetics Guide to Unscientific Weight-loss and Improved A1c

As of the penning of this unscientific documentation of my personal weight-loss tips, I was on my 4th year; following a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, near my 53rd birthday. Living unconcerned; with Pre-diabetes for several years and a blood sugar that wasn’t off-the-charts; things abruptly changed when my A1c came back over 7, and a fasting blood sugar test of 179 caught the eye of the doctor in the fall of 2012; official diagnosis, Type II. So I was prescribed more medications than I’d ever cared to know about; this being the cost of complacency. In the summer of 2016, I came home from a heavenly pig-fest, having gained over 10 lbs on our week-long family vacation to WV; roughly 80-90 lbs overweight; with a digital weight reading of 285. This ridiculous weight-gain along with knowledge of living with a diabetic disease, spurred my resolve to try to reduce and minimize the effects of the ailment, or outright reverse it; if possible. I recalled during my annual check-up at the end of August; the assisting nurse (or doc, can’t remember), told me, if I wanted to reverse the effects of the disease and wean myself off of the medications; my target weight was probably in the 230’s. That meant a weight-loss of over 50 lbs, which frankly, sounded like a ridiculous prospect at the time. With some help from my wife and family, from a friend at church, and a mindset to reduce my physical footprint; I embarked on an amazingly half-baked, self-imposed program to look better in a bathing suit and reduce my BMI (Body-Mass Index). My initial goal; lose 50 lbs, reign in a few belt loops, lower my daily blood sugar levels and A1c, gain some stamina, and begin a regiment tied to a healthy diet; little of it had I attempted before. So I set course, with a mission . . .

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