Health Risks-my concerns

My excessive weight gain, lack of exercise, indiscriminate eating habits, insufficient sleep, and the health issues they presented over time, in hind sight; seem very obvious; I’ll call it a no-brainer. But I realized; the willingness to own up to my excesses and recognize what they may lead to down the road, health-wise; was an important first step in changing my life-style and dietary choices. This was my list of health concerns, at the time of diagnosis, and in the few years following:

  1. Obesity
  2. Shortness of breath
  3. Sluggishness and tiresome in the middle of the day/occasional, unplanned cat-naps
  4. Gout-random, 3-4 times a year
  5. Neuropathy-beginning signs of tingling in feet
  6. Blood pressure, without medication-high
  7. Cholesterol, without medication-same thing
  8. Restless leg syndrome-occasionally
  9. ED-look it up, if unsure
  10. Limbs going numb-falling asleep while in bed or while in funny positions
  11. Aching chest-couldn’t sleep on left side-random, frequent pains while in church, theater and wherever
  12. Ankle swelling-growth on ankle swollen occasionally
  13. Sleep Apnea-diagnosed with moderate to severe sleep disorder/probably had for well over a decade
  • Breathing stops occasionally during sleep
  • Wake up with chest pains & anxiety
  • Interrupted sleep patterns
  • Lethargic days
  1. Dental issues-losing bone/not necessarily related to Diabetes for myself
  2. Heart disorder-30% aortal blockage
  3. Atrial Flutter – 2010

. . . and more

A death sentence, possibly not; on the road to disaster; surely!

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